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President  -  Peter Hayward

Vice President  -  Stefan Klimach

Secretary  -  Syed Hassan

Communications - Rish Jain

Year 4 rep - Grace Castronovo

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WINS  rep - Sophie Watson

Year 2 rep - Daniel Tuite


Treasurer  -  Kashif Qamar


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Year 5 rep- Luke Holland



Year 1 rep - Asiya Zhunus

Hi My name is Stefan Klimach, thank you to all who voted for me for the position of Vice President,


I'm currently in my 3rd year of at BSMS and am still really interested in surgery as a career choice with a particular interest in vascular, general and peadiatrics. I hope I can continue to support SurgSoc events and facilitate during the skills sessions held throughout the year.


Also please check out our youtube channel which now has some basic surgical skills videos on there! I hope to add to these with actual sutureing when I come to do my surgical rotation!


Thanks again



My name is Kashif Qamar and I am the treasurer for the BSMS surgical society.  I have always been fascinated by the field of surgery. Over the past few years I have had several placements in theatres and surgical wards. In the speciality I am not only attracted to the high, the rush or the thrills of cutting someone open to save their life but also to the opportunity of having a positive impact on someone’s health and wellbeing.


My role as a treasurer is to manage the society’s finances. I look forward to raising sufficient funds for the society that would enable them to provide medics with exceptional experiences into the field of surgery. I hope to be a valuable member of the committee and support the team in every way possible.


My name is Dan Tuite and I’m the 2nd year rep for BSMS SurgSoc. Essentially this means I act as a bridge between the second year and the society whether that be through events promotion or by helping out at skills sessions and other society-run opportunities.


I hope to make a positive contribution to the society through my passion for surgery and by contributing my ideas whilst acting as a reliable correspondent for both the SurgSoc committee and my year group, especially since I had such a beneficial experience of the society prior to my being part of the committee.Insert body text here ...